Man Wants To Report Neighbour Braaing January For Air Pollution, SA In Tears

The festive season has come to an end and many people are cash-strapped after splurging during the December holidays.

In January also dubbed Januworry by locals, many people survive on inexpensive food like cabbage to try to make it to the next payday.

One man trying to survive this unpopular month was annoyed with his neighbour for not following the unspoken rules that apply to January.

In the TikTok video posted by @djmgabemagabaza, the gent complained that his neighbour was having a braai and wanted to know where he can be reported for peace disturbance and air pollution.

He said he couldn’t concentrate because of the aroma and smoke caused by meat sizzling next door.

People loved the hilarious videos and many joked that smoke from braais in January aggravates sinuses.

@ntombi_70 said:                                   “Uzoba strong.”

@kamabaso_ asked:                   “Makhelwane must be investigated. Where does he get the money?”

@user868024799423 added:                       “At that time we have laundry hanging, and we have asthma. Hai! We are being bothered.’

@mandebele_ndebele mentioned:            “The skill level at which you’re chopping that cabbage.”

@pulibaby2168 posted:                              “Hai you made my day high five shame.️”

@Makhumbuza stated:                             “That side table is too beautiful for you to be chopping on it.”

@lucidic216                                                 “The chopping we trained to do as girls but never master. ”

@amogelang_mos shared:                          “I bought a cake on the 6th of January, and I was asked whose birthday is it then I said I just bought it.”

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