Man Takes Own Life After Ripping Wife’s Stomach Open

A Mbire man committed s**cide last week after he ripped his wife’s stomach open following a fight over money.


After butchering his 30-year-old wife, Sharon Kawarira (30), Morris Ndoro (46) took his own life because he assumed he had killed her as she had collapsed.

Last year, the couple grew tobacco, which they sold at the tobacco action floor this year. After getting good money from their tobacco toil, Morris took it and chowed it all.


Sharon then challenged her husband over the money, which did not go well with Morris. A fight erupted, and the husband took out a knife and savagely gored his wife all over her body. Morris hoisted the knife and slashed Sharon’s belly until her intestines splashed out.


Panic-stricken, Morris then took his own life, thinking Sharon was dead.


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Government Confirms the Tragic Incident

Ripping Wife’s Stomach

Man Takes Own Life After Ripping Wife’s Stomach Open [Image: File]


A Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, and Small and Medium Enterprise Development official narrated to H-Metro the incident:


“The couple was staying in the Bakasa area in Tumiri village in Guruve. Last season, they had a good tobacco harvest, and the husband reportedly squandered all the money. This season again, he did the same thing and squandered all the money, and his wife confronted him. An altercation ensued, and the wife left home and went to Mushumbi in an area called Sango Jena.


“She then approached our Ministry’s offices for help. We advised her to go to the district office so that she could get help from the police. She was assisted and got a police officer who accompanied her back home. Her husband pretended that all was now well.


“Both the wife and the police officer were convinced, but after a few weeks, violence erupted again and he attacked his wife with a knife. Matumbu akabuda, akachekwa muviri wese. Upon realising that her intestines were protruding, he committed suicide”


Sharon’s brother, identified as Knowledge, reflected on the ordeal they are facing:


“I had lost hope that my sister would survive. Right now, if she eats anything, she feels pain in her stomach. She was discharged from the hospital and it’s not easy. I do odd jobs. The hospital bill was US$ 1,168. When we went for a check-up, the bill had gone up, and they are demanding that it be paid as soon as possible.” iHarare

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