Man Shares ‘Genius’ Water Bottle Trick That Can Expose If Your Partner Is Cheating

A man on TikTok has been hailed a “genius” for a simple water bottle trick he believes could identify if your partner is being unfaithful.

In a video that’s been viewed nearly 10 million times, Los Angeles-based creator Daniel Hentschel explained all one needs to carry out his so-called “cheating test” is a used drink bottle.

“Here’s how to test your partner to see if they’re cheating. Buy a used water bottle from Goodwill that could theoretically belong to anyone,” he said in the TikTok clip.

“Pretend to discover it in their car. Use this exact phrasing: ‘Here’s your water bottle.’”

He said that your partner’s response can make or break your relationship in seconds.

“If they have nothing to hide, they’ll say, ‘That’s not mine, I don’t know whose that is,’” he said.

“They admit they don’t know whose it is because you’ve made them feel like you trust them.”

But if they are guilty of infidelity, he said they’ll automatically claim the rogue bottle is theirs.

“They’ll say something like, ‘Thank you so much,’” he said.

“They’ll go along with you and pretend it’s theirs.”

More than 8000 people took to the platform to praise the “genius” advice.

“Wait, why is this actually good?” one woman asked, while another wrote: “This man is an ex-FBI agent.”

“I wasn’t expecting this genius,” said another, while someone else commented: “This is the type of advice I need in my life.”

Not everyone agreed with the plan, though, poking holes in his theory.

“Except my boyfriend’s car is a mess and he would 100 per cent think it’s his and he lost it,” one woman wrote.

While another said: “My girl has so many water bottles with a goldfish memory, she would probably just be like, ‘Oh thanks,’ thinking it was hers.” “If my boyfriend did that, I’d think it was mine no matter what. I can’t remember what is or isn’t mine sometimes,” admitted a third.

“That is good, although to be fair, I have quite the cup addiction. There’s a solid chance it could be mine and I’d never know.”

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