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Man Fakes Employment To Get Free Meals

Magistrate Sharon Nxongo has sentenced a Harare man to a year in jail for misrepresenting himself as an Inter-Africa Bus Services inspector to receive free meals at Chivhu Eat and Lick.

Magistrate Nxongo suspended three months on condition that Tawanda Shoko restitutes Eat and Lick US$65. Four months were suspended on the condition of good behaviour.

Shoko (23) of 1714 Zone 5, Hopely, Harare, will effectively serve five months in jail should he restitute the US$65 before September 30, 2023.

Circumstances are that Shoko produced a fake Inter-Africa Bus Services identity card to Eat and Lick security supervisor Muchafara Manjanga sometime in July 2023.

He misrepresented that he was employed by Inter-Africa Bus Services as an inspector and began receiving free meals.

Shoko received free meals from July to August 2023 when he was arr£sted.

Manjanga discovered the matter after overhearing Inter-Africa employees complaining that Shoko was abusing their employer’s name to get free meals.  Masvingo Mirror

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