Man Elicits Debate After Asking if Men Should Seek Permission from Lovers’ Dads Before Proposing

A man using the handle @u/sjs404 on Reddit has sparked a heated debate on procedures men ought to follow before engaging their lovers for marriage.@u/sjs404 posted a question on Reddit asking if men should first consider getting a blessing from the girl’s parents before proposing, leaving social media users with mixed reactions.

He asked: “How do you feel about men asking other men for permission to marry their daughter?”

Culturally, most men have been forced to ask permission from a girl’s parents before proposing as a sign of respect and to honour the girl as well.

However, @u/sjs404’s saw mixed reactions as some people said the act has been outdated based on the fact that most people no longer have active father figures in their lives.

Netizens reactions

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@msstark said:

“Gross. I’m not a man’s property, I can make my own choices. My husband did have a talk with my family about marriage before we got engaged, but that was after we discussed it just us two, and he was in no way “asking for permission”.”

@pavlovs_pavlova said:

“This is what we did. We had been discussing marriage for a while and spoken about ring designs, but I had no idea he’d actually bought a ring. He told both his family and my family a few months before he proposed.”

@level 2 commented:

“I pleaded with my husband not to ask my dad because not only did it make me feel like I was a man’s property, I didn’t want everyone to know before I did!! Guess what, my now husband still went and asked my dad.”

@writingsuckssm said:

“Permission, eh. But a blessing, yes that’s sweet.”

@Nikkisfirstthrowaway commented:

“Yeah, I’d like for the guy to ask both parents though. Not just the dad.”

@uuterustryingtokillme said:

“This is a tradition from the past that needs to stay in the past. Women are not property. Whatever “respect” is being shown to a future father-in-law is not worth the total disrespect being shown to a future partner.”

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