Man Drags Girlfriend To Hardware Store As Revenge For Her Shopping Sprees, SA In Tears: Video

A man taught his bae a lesson with a tit-for-tat. The man took his partner to shop for building materials and she was not ready for the experience.

Many people had jokes at the lady’s expense after spending the day with her boyfriend. Netizens could not stop raving about how well the gent did.

One video by @ll_king_em shows him going shopping with his girlfriend went viral. The man got 900 000 views on on TikTok after taking his girlfriend shopping for building materials. In the video, the lady looks obviously exasperated while waiting for her boyfriend to find what he needed.

Watch video below;

TikTok users thoroughly amused by couple  Mzansi is often curious to see other people’s love.

Peeps thought it was a hilarious flip of the tables. Online users commented that they appreciate a man’s efforts to teach the lady a lesson.

S’lindile commented:                                 “This wouldn’t work on me because instead of getting bored, I’ll be there asking you a million questions about every item we buy.”

Simz commented:                                     “Next time don’t buy anything, just go around touching everything and say “oh this is cute” for two hours.”

namz_venecian commented:                    “This wouldn’t work. I love all shopping, even buying dirt.”

user3587851009282 commented:            “Did that with my wife and ended up buying shyt to get done in the house plus a new washer dryer set never again.”

MbabalaMageba commented:                   “We must elect you as chairperson at the next Men’s conference.”

Busi Cele commented:                      “Honestly, I get it now. Not even gonna fight it.”

Madré commented:                                          “I went with once. I wanted to cry! we understand your pain now.”

Ntane Mohlala                                             “The way I love shopping. could be sand shopping and I’ll still make it an experience, ask questions and take videos.”

SPo_pokkos commented:                           “Yes my leadership, she ended up sleeping even.”

leratomonanthane commented:           “Clever man.”

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