Man discovers broken chopsticks in his skull

In a bizarre and unsettling case, a Vietnamese man recently discovered that two broken chopsticks had been lodged in his skull for the past five months.


The shocking revelation came after the man experienced excruciating headaches, vision loss, and nasal fluid discharge, prompting him to seek medical attention at a hospital.


Initially clueless about the cause of his symptoms, the man underwent a CT scan that unveiled the presence of a tension pneumocephalus, akin to a pneumothorax, as well as two foreign objects extending from his nose into his brain. Upon further examination, doctors identified the objects as broken chopsticks.

Perplexed by the bizarre scenario, the 35-year-old patient eventually recalled an altercation he had been involved in five months earlier, shedding some light on a possible explanation for the presence of the foreign objects.


Following a night of drinking, the man found himself embroiled in a physical confrontation that led to an emergency room visit. Although the specifics of the incident remained hazy in his memory, he suspected that the other party involved had inserted the chopsticks into his skull through his nose.


After careful consideration of potential treatment options, the medical team concluded that endoscopic surgery through the nose, combined with microsurgery to close the cranial fistula, was the most suitable course of action.


This approach would ensure the safe extraction of the broken chopsticks while minimizing the risk of complications or residual effects. Dr. Nguyen Van Man, the Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Cuba Friendship Hospital, emphasized the significance of selecting the optimal surgical method to prevent any long-term repercussions for the patient.


Fortunately, the condition of the 35-year-old man remained stable throughout the surgical procedure, and he has since been discharged from the hospital. The case serves as an important reminder of the potential consequences of altercations and shows the importance of seeking immediate medical attention for any head trauma or persistent symptoms. Alba Waba


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