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Man cries as he narrates how his wife ch£ated on him

A MAN of Lusaka aged 53 shed tears when he narrated before Matero Local Court how his wife got married to another man while she was still married to him.


Mulongwe said in 1993 he went to his village and married Kalubi and brought her to Lusaka where he has been working to date.


He said after she transformed into a city woman, Kalubi turned her back on him and started having extra marital affairs with different men.


“I married my wife from the village, but she has now gotten married to another man. Her family even got dowry without my knowledge. She spends about two weeks home and lies to me that she goes to visit her relatives. One of her relatives who felt sorry for me is the one who came to tell me.

I even took her lover to court for compensation for adultery but the matter was dismissed,” he said.


In her statement, Kalubi denied ever getting married to another man and told the court her husband was the one who married another woman and left her alone at their matrimonial home.


“My husband is the one who has deserted our matrimony home. He has been accusing me of locking his private part saying he fails to function with another woman meaning that, he is a womaniser,” she said.


In judgment, Magistrate Harriet Mulenga noted that there was no marriage between the two.


“There is no love between the two; the woman is also the head of the house making it difficult for your union to work. I will not even waste our time, divorce is granted and you are free to do what you want,” Magistrate Mulenga said . Zambian Observer


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