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Man arrested for bribing cops to release friend

MISPLACED compassion landed Tinotenda Rusere (28) on the wrong side of the law after he tried to bribe police to release a colleague that had been arrested for posessing !llegal dr.ugs.


Police in Glendale arrested Deon Nyakuremba on Monday for dru.g possession following a tip-off.


He was found with sachets of d@gga, a bottle of Benylin, Adco Salter Pyn Syrup and a bottle of Histalix.


However, Tinotenda tried to bribe police by offering them US$70 to secure his release.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the incident in a statement.


“On October 30, 2023, police in Glendale acted on received information and arrested Deon Nyakuremba in connection with dealing in dangerous dr.ugs.


“The suspect was found in possession of 15 sachets of d@gga, two twists of d@gga, one bottle of Benylin, two bottles of Adco Salter Pyn Syrup and one bottle of Histalix,” said the ZRP.


“Meanwhile, Tinotenda Rusere (28) was arr£sted for bribery after offering US$70 cash to the police for the release of Deon Nyakuremba from police custody.” Sunday Mail

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