“Male Rapunzel”: Man With Impressively Long Brown Beard Goes Viral: Video

A man with a well-groomed long beard has gone viral and stunned many people on Instagram.

A video of him reposted by Ladbible has stunned many people because his beard is so long that it appears artificial. Photos of a man with a long brown beard.

Robert Michaelis started grooming his beard six years ago without ever shaving or cutting it.In the video, Robert showed off his brown, neat and shiny beard.

Its length dangled very close to his waist region.It is impossible not to notice the man and his beard, which makes him appear unique. Because of his impressively long beard, Robert will always stand out wherever he goes.

He carefully tied it in a cool knot in the video which sparked mixed reactions. While some people are impressed by the nice beard, others are not feeling it. One particular Instagram user referred to Robert as a male version of Rapunzel.

Robert posts videos of his beard on his Instagram handle @Robertwyatt13.

Watch the video below:

Instagram users react to video of “male Rapunzel”

@that_carpenter_guy_ said:

“That’s a no from me.”

@hankewycz commented:

“He’s like a male version of Rapunzel.”

@tina.rogers.9638 said:

“There is a very handsome face behind that bird nest beard.”

@grey_gods_drift reacted:

“Vikings did it first.”

@lisaandwillis said:

“Why is this (good looking) man hiding behind all this?!”

@kapache1 said:

“Guess he never read that article about the fe’cal matter collected in beards?”

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