Lusaka woman catches husband sweating on top of daughter

A 47-year old man of Lusaka’s Chilulu Compound has added his share of damage to the already dented reputation of the capital city after his wife caught him red-handed sweating on top of his 18-year old stepdaughter.


The incident happened around 10:00 hours yesterday, barely 24 hours after the Day of National prayers.


While his 39-year old wife, a marketeer was out conducting trade at the market, the man is said to have taken advantage of her absence to execute his evil intentions of taking his daughter to bed.


Ignoring the sweltering heat that scorched the city, the randy man tried his charm to talk his stepdaughter into bed and when she refused, he resorted to threats.


Fearing that he would implement the threat of stabbing her to death, the young girl gave in to her stepfather’s sexual demands.


But just as he was going about his immoral business, his wife returned home and caught him red-handed.


Her scream of shock and disgust rang through the entire neighbourhood and before long, a mob had gathered at the couple’s house.


After learning of what had happened, the gathering was unanimous in resolution to painfully send the man back to his Maker but lucky for him, police arrived on time to whisk him away and save his randy life.


He is now in police custody facing a charge rape while his victim was treated at a local health facility where she was given medical form as part of police procedure.


Zambia Police Service assistant public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi confirmed the incident to Kalemba. Zambian Observer


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