Lobola Negotiations Cancelled Over Tatoo

A Lobola negotiation was cancelled after they discovered that the bride has a tattoo on her thigh. The unfortunate discovery was made during the bride’s virginity testing.

The Malume were not happy that their son wanted to marry someone with a tattoo as they don’t know who drew it.

According to a Twitter user, the groom’s relatives were a bit unhappy with their makoti over the tattoo as so they decided to cancel the whole program.

Lobola negotiation cancelled after they discovered that the bride has a tatto on her thigh

(uncle) cancelled lobola negotiations, after they discovered that the bride has a tattoo on her thigh.

What’s your view on this 🤔? pic.twitter.com/0Ki1atzXEb

— Lee’s beauty Bar 👄🔥👑💄💄 (@LeebaeBoss) March 7, 2023

There have been a lot of concerns over these virginity tests as to whether they are necessary or they cause trouble. In this instance, the Malume were worried about who exactly put the tattoo on such parts of the body parts which are considered sacred.

Twitter has been divided over the matter with some saying the wedding should have continued.

Muzi Zulu@MuziZulu20

The uncles are right, if you need a proper cultural marriage as a young woman you must know the does and don’ts and also avoid things that will be used as insult to you during your marriage


Malume is right. She is not wife material🤣

jerry pego@afriikanih

hw dd the uncle find out there was a tatoo on the thigh and whose uncle was that first of all 🤔

Marvin Dunn@MarvinDunn

The groom probably knows the tattoo and still send them. The uncles must chill. It’s not their wife.

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