Limpopo Man Teaches Little Daughter To Fly on Broom in Funny and Viral TikTok Video: “Fly by Night School”

A Limpopo man, @pantsu28gp, entertained many TikTokkers with a video taken with his adorable daughter.

He can be seen standing on top of a broom while carrying his little girl.

The guy encouraged parents to pass down whatever knowledge they have to their kids. He demonstrated how he was teaching his child to fly on a broom.The funny video got over 340 000 views on TikTok and people said the guy was promoting witchcraft in broad daylight.

Some loved how the little girl followed her father’s instruction when he asked her to grab the broom’s handle.

Watch the video below

Netizens wrote comments about the father and daughter duo flying off into the South African skies.

@jayenmaps mentioned:

“The baby understood the assignment.”

@nnantese35 posted:

“Limpopo is a country itself. Khwiing to the dam of Seshego Zone 4. School of excellence.”

@kabelomonakhisi7 stated:

“Fly by night school.”

@nakana7b1 commented:

“She’s learning so fast.”

@nthabimalapane59 said:

“Anything is possible, can be a joke or not, Mzansi for sure.”

@mpunghununu wrote:

“The baby to my office for a promotion, she’s no longer a baby but the president.”

@generalmabila added:

“Yes you doing great boss, leaving the legacy in good hands.”

@lister197250 said:

“O moloi ebile o ruta le ngwana.”

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