‘Like A Comedy Show’ – Social Media Left Rolling After Pastors Failed To Deliver Speech In Front Of Camera [video]

Evangelist Idirashe Dongo, the founder of the Pastors for Economic Development (ED) movement, faced difficulties giving a speech about the state of the 23-24 August 2023 harmonized elections in Zimbabwe leaving social media users in stitches.

The movement, officially launched by the ruling party Midlands provincial chairperson Senator Larry Mavima in November 2022, claimed that it aimed to engage religious leaders in supporting a political vision.

Back then, Dongo stated that Zimbabwe’s population was predominantly Christian, with 85.5 percent of the population belonging to this faith. She believed that church leaders should encourage their members to actively contribute to the country’s economic development, aligning with the goals of Vision 2030.

During her speech, Dongo encountered difficulties and failed three times to deliver her address. Despite her attempts, she was unable to complete her speech and eventually gave up. The reasons behind her inability to proceed were not specified.

Watch the video below for more:

There exists a complex relationship between religious leaders, politics, and the role of the church in shaping the socio-political landscapes.



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