Lightning Strikes 4 Donkeys In Plumtree

A massive red lightning bolt struck and killed 4 donkeys belonging to Manyele family in Tokwana, Plumtree.

“The lightning was so huge the whole village was left in shock and the whole area was turned red,”  eyewitnesses said.

The incident occured on Sunday afternoon.

The eldest of the Manyele family, Mr Ndlovu, told Afrogazette that the family was left in shock after their 4 donkeys were hit by lightning.

“We are still shaken, this has never happened to us in our village,” he said.

No casualties or human deaths have been recorded.

On Monday, a traditional healer is said to have treated the dead carcasses and burnt them as a preventative measure for further lightning strikes.

The family is now stranded since it was dependent on the donkeys for their farming activities.

The Manyeles are now appealing for anyone who can assist to enable them to continue with the farming activities this season.

Those willing to assist the affected family can get in touch with Mr Ndlovu on 0778 002 256.

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