Levelz Biography: Real Name, Background, Education, Children, Leaked Video, Arrests,

Zimbabwean music producer Levelz is currently in the spotlight following his arrest on allegations of raping his former girlfriend, singer Shashl.

The talented beatmaker has been one of the fore figures in the Zimdancehall genre since it burst into the mainstream around 2012. Here is a brief biography of Levelz.

Personal Life  Levels, real name Rodger Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, was born on 9 September 1989 and is 33. He was born into a family of three girls and two boys, and some sources say he was born in Murewa.

He spent the early years of his life in Chitungwiza before his family moved to Mbare.


Levelz attended Avonlea Primary School in the early years of his life before moving to Ellis Robins High School in Harare for his secondary education.

After only two terms at Ellis Robins in Form 1, Levels transferred to George Stark High School in Mbare in the third term.  Still, his parents were not satisfied with George Stark High School, and after a single term, Levelz moved to Sodbury High School in Darwendale, where he was from Form 2 to Form 4.

Music Career

Like most prominent musicians in Zimbabwe and beyond, Levelz started his music career in church at a young age. He attended the Evangelical Fellowship of Believers, where he played the bass guitar and drums.While at Sodbury High School, Levelz formed a musical group called “The Chainsmokers” with his friends. There, he was known as “Fireman” because he made beats for the group using desks and chairs while the others were vocalists.

Levelz finished school and figured his heart was in music. In 2007, he got his first computer, a Pentium 3, and set out full-time into music. Before bursting into the limelight, he would go to producer Nhubu Digital’s studio in Dzivarasekwa, who taught him to use beat-making and recording software. In turn, Levelz would pass the knowledge to his younger brother, fellow producer Samcris.  Chill Spot Records  Levels had known DJ Fantan (Arnold Kamudyariwa) and DJ Ribhe (Tafadzwa Mandaza) since kindergarten in Mbare.

Fantan used to stay on Block 9 of Matapi flats in Mbare, and people used to hang out there, and it became known as a chill spot.  In 2011, the three, together with Levelz’s brother Samcris, decided to turn the room into a recording studio and make something with their lives.

The squad only had a computer, a microphone and “ridiculous speakers”, and people assumed the boys were playing around. Since the room was already known as a chill spot, they just adopted the name Chill Spot Records. Levels had more knowledge and experience in music, so he became the label’s leader.

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