Lesotho To Reclaim South Africa’s Land

In what seems like a fire brewing down south of the Transvaal, the little mountainous enclaved Kingdom of Lesotho, through its lawmakers is currently seeking to push a motion in parliament to “reclaim its land” that is currently occupied by South Africa.

In an unconfirmed notice of motion addressed to Lesotho Speaker of Parliament Dr T Lipholo on Monday 12th of December, 2022, Lesotho’s lawmakers moved to begin consultations to resolve land issues and declare the whole of the Free State, parts of the Northern Cape, parts of the Eastern Cape, parts of Mpumalanga and parts of KwaZulu Natal “as comprising the territory of the Kingdom of Lesotho”.

The daring move that has left so many unanswered questions to a number of diplomats on social media comes after the much anticipated powershift from former Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro to Prime Minister Sam Matekane in October of 2022.

Could it be the new highly spirited administrative drive to enlarge the little territory enclaved by South Africa, or is it a political drive to correct the wrongs from the past – many have asked?

According to the unconfirmed letter seen by iHarare, the move to reclaim the mentioned land is in line with the United Nations Resolution 1817 (XV11) which was passed by the General Assembly at its 1196th Plenary Meeting of 18 December 1962.  Read parts of the letter below;

Agenda 49 of the Plenary Meeting resolved to make Lesotho, then Basutoland, an independent state which was to recover all its land lost to the Republic of South Africa.

According to unconfirmed reports and as stated in the said letter, this move was not undertaken in a manner pleasing to Lesotho lawmakers.

Hence, the recent stance to reclaim ‘their territory.  Reports in the shared letter remain unclear.

They were, however, shared across many social media platforms including Twitter by one renowned Immigration and Human rights activist Braam Hanekom.

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