“Leaving a Man Because He Slept With Another Woman is Foolishness”: Shadaya Tears Into Lupita Nyong’o For Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend

Zimbabwean controversial social media influencer Shadaya Knight Tawona has launched a savage attack on Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong’o.


This comes after she announced her breakup with her South African boyfriend, Selema Masekela after 1-year relationship.


In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Lupita Nyong’o revealed that she has separated from Hugh Masekela’s son, Selema Masekela after he allegedly ch£ated.


While she did not divulge the full details about her breakup, she hinted at feelings of deception and betrayal.


Taking to his X account, Shadaya argued that Lupita Nyong’o was delusional for breaking up her boyfriend.


“Lupita Nyongo in her 40s, walking away from her relationship because her man cheated is peak female delusion. Of course, the sisterhood will support such stupidity with the rhetoric “you deserve better queen” as if there’s any high-value man out there waiting to pick up a 40-year-old woman”


Shadaya argued that women walk away from relationships over cheating thinking the grass is greener on the other side, instead of resolving their issues.


“This is the problem today, many women actually convince themselves of walking away from their relationships instead of actually working on resolving issues, because they think the grass is greener out there”




He went on to make reference to South African actress Enhle Mbali who divorced her husband Dj Black over infidelity and later found herself in a complicated relationship situation


“Reminds me of Black Coffee’s wife Enhle Mbali, she walked out on her marriage because he cheated, and she convinced herself she deserved better. Now she’s a side chick to a married man. It’s sad, how they all end up on the same trajectory of self-destruction.”

Shadaya on How Men Are Polygamous By Nature


Furthermore, Shadaya emphasized that men are polygamous in nature. He went on to elaborate on some of the reasons why men cheat, arguing that it is a natural urge that is biologically embedded in them.


“Modern women truly lack the understanding of how a man behaves, something their mothers & grandmothers understood very well. Men are polygamous by nature, a man cheating at most has nothing to do with his woman, it doesn’t mean she lacks something or he doesn’t love her anymore


It’s simply the natural urge biologically embedded in them to seek variety, the urge to satisfy their libido. And the only thing that can stop a man cheating is cutting off his manhood, other than that, he will cheat at one point or the other”


He argued that leaving a man just because he has cheated is foolish.


“And there’s the need to understand that, men and women are not the same, they’re biological differences. It is foolish to hold men to the same standards of fidelity as women are held to


For a woman, fidelity is being sexually exclusive to one man. Whilst for man it’s something totally different. A man’s fidelity is being able to provide the 4Ps – provision, protection, proffer solutions & penetration to his woman


Leaving a man because he slept with another woman is foolishness. Learn OR perish!!!“ iHarare



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