Lawyer Sparks Debate After Claiming People Co-Parenting Still Engage in Twa Twa

Renowned Kenyan lawyer Phannie Kwegah has sparked a heated debate on social media after claiming that people co-parenting, from time to time, sleep togethewegah shared her tweet which attracted mixed reactions after she advised people dating anyone who is co-parenting to know that the relationship will always have twa twa.

She wrote:    “Coparenting will include coitus here and there. The faster and quicker you internalise this the better for all parties including third and fifth parties.”

While some people have managed to draw a clear line between themselves and their kid’s other parent, some have from time to time been accused of an on-and-off type of relationship with their baby daddy or mama.

Netizens reactions  Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@NyarMumias said:  “This I refused it, mama.”

@CliffRhodah added:   “Using kids as proxies, no?”

@ythera_gichuru said:  “This applies to baby mamas/daddies without morals.”

@go_nich commented:   “This one is somehow true. It’s all about morals, and if the parties involved have other partners that know what’s happening.”

@DukeofRar2 added:   “Yep I know of a couple who got divorced and now they’re expecting another baby.”

@abedyKlaus said:   “Well mwenye kisima hapangi foleni.”

@TJ_TheDoc commented:   “One more reason not to start at 1-0, 2-0 etc. All those baby daddies will want a share.”

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