Land Rover Discovery Stolen From SA, Dumped At Mozambican Mall

Reports have emerged from social media of a car which has been parked at a mall for a month in Tete, Mozambique which is believed to have been stolen in SA.

The brand and make of the car is Land Rover Discovery, greyish in colour with number plate DF2 2FFGP.

The car has not yet been towed from the scene.

“This car has been parked at a mall in Tete in Mozambique for a month now. It’s believed to be stolen in South Africa and dumped that side.” reported the twitter account belonging to @advobarryroux.

In a tweet, social media user @dominic_colts revealed another incident where a vehicle was dumbed at the mall.

“There was also another one left next to ShopRite in Mozambique few weeks if lm not mistaken,” he said.

Some went on to question how vehicles are being smuggled from foreign countries in the eyes of the authorities.

” How did it cross to Mozambique. Are we not having police officers and soldiers working at the boarder gate?” said Twitter user @hdflameboy.

Some gave their own views as amateur detectives;

@silienouprosper said,” Or they highjacked it right there is Mozambique.One should worry about the driver.”

“Easy to check whose car that is”, added @zakimathebula.

“They just steal the car and later run out of petrol money,” @shembelunga said.

For the record, South Africa is 1.832km away from Mozambique.

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