Lady Zamar Cuts Off Dreadlocks and Stuns in Long Weave, Gorgeous Look Goes Viral online

Lady Zamar has not been able to live her life freely since she filed sexual assault charges against her ex-boyfriend Sjava.

The court threw the charges out of court and ZAlebs reports that since then, Mzansi has stopped supporting her music career.  Peeps dislike her so much that every time she posts on Twitter, they mock her for dragging Sjava’s name through the mud with her “false” accusations.

Taking to Twitter after disabling her comments, the My Baby hitmaker shared a gorgeous snap. What was different about the picture was the absence of her dreadlocks, which were replaced by a long weave.

In the quote tweets section, it seemed like some people are not easily influenced by Sjava’s fans’ dislike for the star as they praised her new look.

@kamoo58876359 said:      “@Lady_Zamar is beautiful.”

@Logan_SinoDyani shared:                   “Umhle ❤️❤️❤️”

@Surprisingly22 posted:                                “So unreal. You look stunning.”

@PonchosHoney replied:                    “Umuhle noma bangathini.”

Lady Zamar’s post came right after controversial Twitter influencer Mr Smeg was criticised for posting her pic.

@bizawe2 wrote:                                          “You can invite her for lunch but record the conversation for your own safety.”

@khanyzow reacted:                            “Outside beauty is vain. We need beauty from within too.”

@NicolMJL also said:                                 “But not mature enough though.”

@UsuthuOsuthu added:                              “She will lay charges on you. Be careful.”

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