Lady Regrets Marrying Man Unaware Of His R200k Debt, SA Shares Advice

A woman wanted people to know that they should never marry someone without looking at their financial records first.

She only found out about the debt her husband accumulated over the years after they got married. many people. It was especially sad, detailing how hard she has been working to avoid debt in her life.

Woman shares heartbreaking story of rushing into marriage

@MprueDie on Twitter posted an anonymous confession on the socials. In the post, one woman warned young ladies to never marry someone until they’ve discussed finances. The lady says she found out that her husband was over R200k in debt.

The husband had unpaid debt from clothing accounts, lawyers and from microloans. The woman added that she found out he took money from loan sharks and that she is scared of debt and was living comfortably with the little she earns.

According to the wife, she is married in community of property, so his debt affects the car she paid off five years ago. The anonymous woman realises that divorce would only split everything 50/50.

Mzansi tells woman to leave debt-ridden husband  Online users were moved by the lady expressing that she thinks she would be further in life without her husband.

Mzansi loves to lend a helping hand and many encouraged her to file for divorce.

Peeps were convinced the marriage would only get worse for her financially.

@HOMAKELO commented:                       “She married the most selfish man and he knew exactly what he was doing.”

@NomaDzino commented:                        “She could apply to change the marital status regime from Community of Property but the creditors have to agree. She should seek legal advice to see what her options are. Alternatively, she could consider making savings or assets in her daughter’s name. ”

@savage_blarbie commented:                    “On today’s episode of more reasons to not get married.”

@destinyzee commented:                              “It’s always good to know each others financial background. I am screaming.”

@Chant_ella commented:                           “He saw her desperation and saw a way out of crippling debt for himself. He knew what he was doing by marrying her.”  bhut’ omda commented:      “Please. Bring up money to the people you intend to marry. Even when seriously dating with a view to marriage. Discuss it. There’s nothing to hide, if you’re serious there’s nothing to hide.”

@TrustFundZulu commented:                    “Talk about money before you get married.”

@voni_babyy commented:                           “1. Date for as long as you need to so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. 2. Talk openly and honestly about finances, goals, etc in your relationship.                      3. DO NOT MARRY IN C.O.P. Consult with a lawyer before you even start organising lobola negotiations. Because ain’t no way!”

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