Lady Confesses To Secret Love Child With Soon-to-be-married Man, Peeps Disturbed

A woman anonymously posted on Reddit that she had a baby with a man who was due to get married.

The lady said her son is four years old and that she was previously married until her husband found out he was not the father.People were disturbed by the post as they read the baby daddy’s soon-to-be wife knows nothing about the child.

The biological dad is getting married to his partner of 10 years.

Online users react to Reddit user’s confession  Netizens are always ready to be honest about others’ love life debacles.

People did not waste time telling the lady how wrong she was. Online users ranted in the comments about how people get betrayed by loved ones.

sorchajuniper commented:

“Well isn’t that just a disaster. Poor fiancé of babydaddy. Normally I wouldn’t say this, but this person sounds like a drama magnet and I can’t imagine her ex wasn’t at least slightly relieved to just nope out of there”

BazTheBaptist commented:

“I think she did know it wasn’t her husband’s. There was a “terrible custody battle” so clearly he wanted custody so he wouldn’t have been trying to prove his son wasn’t his, she was, in the hopes that he would go away.”

Tatasz commented:

“She is the devil, but so is the baby daddy. He too cheated on his partner. He knew he had a partner when they did it. His gf should totally know who she is getting married to.”

Alpacaliondingo commented:

“All I have to say is that poor child.”

Ally commented:

“One of the things that keep me shaking my head about this subreddit is the reckless way so many people live their lives and how many others they badly hurt.”

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