Kings Of Jo’burg Gets Dragged

It has been three days since the much anticipated season two of Kings of Jo’burg has been available on Netflix.

This season had a total of eight episodes instead of the six episodes of season one. Moreover, the season was anticipated as viewers and fans of Ferguson Films wanted to see how this series will continue after the passing of executive producer and lead, Shona Ferguson who played Simon Masire on the series.

Seeing as it has been three days since its availability, it means that there have been enough people to watch the series to have an honest conversation about the latest season.

Therefore, if you have not watched the latest season, watch it first or there will be spoilers in the rest of the article.   Kings of Jo’burg gets dragged  Before getting into the cons of the latest season.

There are arguably some highlights about this current season.

I really enjoyed #KingsOfJoburg and I hope they don’t take too long to give us season 3.     — Naledi Mdyesha (@mdyesha) January 31, 2023

#KingsOfJoburg is so good! I can’t stop watching it! Done binge watched 6 episodes of Season 2 in one day. 😅     — TennisBae (@bubblegum1106) January 31, 2023

The last episode of Kings of Joburg>>     — lisa🦋 (@LuluMaswi) January 31, 2023   Most of them have to do with the additional new cast members introduced this season.

Whether it is the not so good guy played by Thapelo Mokeona, the inclusion of good cop Altovise Lawrence and the surprise inclusion of KB Motsilanyane.

Season two of the series did introduce a number of compelling characters played by acclaimed and veteran actors who understand the term “versatility.”  Additionally, the cinematography of this season spelled money.

From the wide aerial shots used to establish the various locations, the actual locations used and the money which went into coordinating all the action sequences gave expensive budget.

Moreover, the returning cast members are also given credit. This includes Zolisa Xaluva as the lead playing Mo Masire, Connie Ferguson returning this season as the long lost sister Veronica Masire and Nnekwa Tsajwa as Sting were firm favourites this season.

Can’t get enough of Mo and Keneilwe Masire bathong 🔥😍#KingsOfJoburg pic.twitter.com/sAk7e8XlSb     — Liyanda (@Liyanda_A) January 28, 2023

Amazing cast, amazing directions some beautiful nail bitting moments a very captivating storyline. It’s beautiful what they did for Shona. Thank you to @RealZolisa @Connie_Ferguson @Thembiseete_ #KingsOfJoburg pic.twitter.com/H1xZk7iCMh     — Nkosinathi Sangweni waka Mtshali (@nathi10117) January 29, 2023

We see you man, hats off ❤️👏👏#KingsOfJoburg pic.twitter.com/5NCN2t0lO9     — khanyi. SA❤️🍂 (@VanessaKhanyis1) January 28, 2023      Guys!!! give your time to watch this series with your undivided attention.

This is one brilliant series. @Connie_Ferguson deserves her flower for continuing with her husband legacy, so is everyone else, they did an outstanding job #KingsOfJoburg pic.twitter.com/lSQDZksvet     — Stacy Ho🅿️e Nemushiru (@Hope_Nemushiru) January 28, 2023  Now, for the cons.

Firstly, the story itself had too much going on. On the one hand, fans were dealing with the matter of the death of Simon Masire, then there was the revenge plot by Lunathi Mampofu, to Veronica and her back story, to Mo taking over and his battle for power and the Steenkamps, to his relationship with Cindy and Buhle.

This is besides the Abdul Khoza and Thembi Seete love story, the Thapelo Mokeona and Sello Maake ka Ncube storyline. You see just how much was going on?

Lol kings of joburg is a mess whats this? Ngathi Ibhalwa uPhathu😭😭😭😭     — Snowy (@Mamfekaa) January 31, 2023      Kings of Joburg season 2 was a bit mess. So 5/10.

Connie really tried but it just didn’t cut it. I don’t think Shona wanted it to go the way it did in season 2 https://t.co/NmzpdTtdch     — Mellicent Mosome (@Millz_Mosome) January 31, 2023

Fell asleep watching, I will try again today… but there was an episode that ended with someone locked somewhere and in the next they didn’t continue that scene… maybe it was when I was starting to fall asleep.     — Gubevu (@Maldaka) January 30, 2023

Additionally, instead of the series taking the time to use each episode to maybe focus on each of the aforementioned storylines or themes. For some weird reason, it seems that the directors and editors opted to drag each of these storylines from episode one straight to episode eight.

A fact which made some scenes not make sense or the intrigue in some storylines almost forgettable because the mystery was dragged for so long and happened in between the rest of the other major themes and stories in season two.

Kings of Joburg Season 2 feels like I’m watching a bunch of TikTok’s out in one long video😭no context in some scenes     — Thisho’mkhulu (@nhlaka_ntombela) January 31, 2023

This is only episode 3 💀💀💀💀💀. #KingsOfJoburg     — Sweetlekwataa🦋 (@SebatuGalore) January 31, 2023      I no longer understand what’s happening in Kings of Joburg o     — Rolake (@rolake_a) January 31, 2023

Is Kings of Joburg satire?     — Ottilia Anna MaSibanda (@MaS1banda) January 29, 2023

I decided to watch season 2 because:     1. After season 1, I thought there was no way they’d want to do another season, so I had to see for myself     2. I needed a good chuckle      & after 3 episodes I’ve laughed a lot, but I’m certain everything I laughed at wasn’t intended to be funny🤭     — Ottilia Anna MaSibanda (@MaS1banda) January 30, 2023

Lastly, it was the nepotism for us. It seems that everyone, except the youngest Ferguson daughter, Alicia, made a cameo.

From Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson to her son and meme Ro Ferguson. Everybody got a role in this season of the Kings of Jo’burg.Image credit: Instagram

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