“Kingdom Man Set the Bar so High”: Man Proposes to Girlfriend with 7 Rings, Video Trends on Tiktok

A Tiktok video of a man who proposed to his woman in the church with seven rings has generated a lot of attention for its unique approach.

In the viral video, the woman was singing to the audience not knowing that her boyfriend was about to propose to her.When she finally turned around and saw her boyfriend, she knew it could only mean one thing.The man presented his lady with seven rings and eventually picked one among them to slot into her finger.

Unable to contain her joy, the woman covered her face to prevent people from seeing her tears of joy.

The lovers embraced each other and posed for the camera as many people surrounded them with their phone camera excitedly covering the beautiful moment.

As of this report’s writing, the Tiktok video has gathered over 100,000 likes and 3232 comments.

some of the reactions below:

@Itsmissfleur reacted:

“I’m screaming. Wow! There is a special anointing on this church for marriage. Not regular marriages but marriage that makes the devil mad! Congrats.”

@naira_3 said:

“I love how Kingdom men continue to set the bar so high.”

@Benitajadah commented:

“7 rings!? Hold up lemme get a kingdom husband real quick.”

@cherié also reacted:

“Seven?! the game has changed.”

@Missdemz1 also said:

“Why do l have tears in my eyes.”

Watch the video below:

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