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Khanyi Mbau Wants People To Stop Confusing Anxiety With An Ancestral Calling

Khanyi Mbau has got tongues wagging for her take on people undergoing initiation to become sangomas.

In a series of Instagram stories, The Wife actress said people were confusing anxiety with a calling.   “Urban sangomas. You do not have a calling. It’s anxiety. This is the most anxious generation. That’s why we have so many sangomas,” she wrote.

Khanyi said anxiety and depression may induce hallucinations.   “Anxiety is wild. You will hear drums, I swear. Laugh it off. You are not alone. Just get magnesium and a bit of sun B12 and have sea moss. That’s the only sea you need.  “I am not attacking you. Just saving you money.

Stop buying cows, chickens and goats. Instead of buying melatonin to help you sleep and to boost your serotonin so your mood is better. Magnesium tablets and lots of B12. You can be your own healer.”

Speaking previously about mental health in an interview on Behind The Story with Pearl Thusi in 2020, Khanyi said she was in a depressive state for 15 years.

“The first step to healing and conquering your depression is to accept. But sometimes you need to fall to get up because depression is you’re living in anxiety, that, ‘No, I am that boss, but tomorrow what are they going to ask where is that boss?’  “Let it go babe, let it fall … we going to laugh for two weeks … but it all ends, your comeback will always say you’re strong.”

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