Keep Sermons Short or Snores Get Loud Pope Urges Priests

Pope says sermons must not run more than eight minutes.

Ifwe ba Pente, the first 10 minutes is recognition to your beautiful wife,the First Lady of the House, elders and deacons and flattering words to the rich and famous and to those visitors.

Then the Praise Choir is recognized and asked to sit down….

And then the Marathon sermon begins!

Pope Francis has called for brevity in sermons, calling on priests to keep their homilies to a maximum of eight minutes so as to maintain the congregation’s attention and avoid them dozing off.

During his weekly audience on Wednesday, the 87-year-old pontiff emphasised the need for concise and engaging messages during masses

“The homily must be short: an image, a thought, a feeling, After that time attention is lost and people fall asleep, and they are right,” Pope Francis said

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