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Kambucha Company Sues ZimCelebs Over Defamation

Popular Zimbabwean beverage company, Kambucha Fresh Zim (PVT) LTD, is suing social media influencer ZimCelebs for spreading fake news about their products.h

Through their legal attorney Rubaya and Chatambudza legal practitioners, Kambucha company argued that the posts made by ZimCelebs were defamatory and falsely fabricated that its client manufacture in very filthy premises using dirty containers.

The case is centred around a series of January 26 posts on Facebook and Instagram, where ZimCelebs depicted the production process of Kambucha Lemon Drink in a seemingly unhygienic manner.

Kambucha Fresh Zim (PVT) LTD is accusing ZimCelebs of defaming their product and falsely fabricating that it is manufactured in dirty premises with no regard for cleanliness and end-user health. The legal team, represented by attorneys Rubaya and Chatambudza, is claiming that the posts maliciously associated Kambucha Lemon Drink with nine other Zambian products being produced in an unhygienic area.

In the court papers served to ZimCelebs’ online manager, the legal team claimed that the influencer omitted or intentionally avoided telling their followers that the pictures in the post did not relate to the Zimbabwean-made Kambucha producing company, Kambucha Fresh Zim (PVT) LTD. The first picture in the post depicted Kambucha Lemon Drink and sent out a warning message against the product, implying that it was produced in filthy premises using dirty containers.

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