Jose Mourinho Slams Footballers For Growing Trend Of Cutting Holes In Socks

Jose Mourinho has criticised footballers who cut holes in their match socks via an unexpected post on Instagram.

The AS Roma head coach, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest managers in football history, posted five black and white photos of unidentified players wearing ripped socks.

Mourinho, hitting out at football’s lawmakers for not stopping the new trend, wrote: “Beautiful socks for the Beautiful Game… Approved by the football authorities.”

Check out Mourinho’s Instagram post here:

More and more high-profile players appear to be following the new trend.  England and Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham has been seen playing with ripped socks while playing for both club and country, including during the Qatar World Cup.

Meanwhile, one of the first footballers spotted playing with ripped socks was England’s Danny Rose during the 2018 World Cup.

Any idea what’s going on with Danny Rose’s socks? #BELENG     — No Score Draws ✍️ (Alex & Sian – BOOK OUT NOW!) (@CheapPanini) July 14, 2018.

But tearing their socks apart prior to kick-off must have benefits – either real or psychological – for players, right? Otherwise they surely wouldn’t do it.

According to Goal, players are generally cutting holes in their socks to reduce the pressure on the calf muscles, which are often restricted due to the garment’s tightness.

The report says that footballers with bulging leg muscles find socks particularly restrictive, resulting in effective bloodflow and circulation becoming an issue, as well as breathability.  Players are subsequently avoiding this problem by cutting holes in their socks.

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