“Is She serious?” Mixed Reactions Trail Video Of Lady Advertising Braided Wig

A hair vendor, @motununique, has sparked mixed reactions on social media after advertising her products on TikTok.

While it is normal to see vendors market their goods online, this particular vendor attracted trolls due to the nature of the wig she was selling.

In the clip which got over a million views, she is seen marketing the hair piece designed in a Ghana weaving bun style, even going as far as pointing out the availability of the piece in other colours.

However, this did not impress internet users.

Check out the video below:

Social media users react to wig advert


“Don’t let my aunty see colour green because it’s gonna be over for us.”


“The funny thing is that she’s actually serious.”

Uchamma Natural Hair Coach:

“Whether you guys like it or not, her business has gone viral. A win is a win.”

Goldia goldia:

“Just wondering who your target audience is?”


“Me realizing she is actually serious.”


“Why would you need it in different colours?”


“My Ex go laugh me.”


“All na hustle, God bless the works of your hands…oya Ibadan girls, the moment you’ve been waiting for,it’s finally here”

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