Internet breaks after Masvingo ladies caught in LESB!AN scandal as steamy video leaks

An intimate video of two beautiful ladies from Masvingo is trending online after exposed for engaging in lesbian activities.

Word has it that the two pose as besties and it is well-known in Masvingo that they are close buddies.

Their intimate video has since leaked online.

In the video, one of the girls identified as Nyasha is seen sucking an unidentified girl’s ‘bean’ as she goes down on her.

She uncontrollable eats her ‘rosecoco’ as they both enjoy a steamy session while both seem intoxicated.

They seem to be madly in love, as one moans the one in control’s name with pleasure as well as signaling signs of wanting to cum.

“I’m feeling you Nyashaa because you do the same to meee…ohhh Nyasha lm about to cumm….awwww…..”




Nyasha zvaari ngozi



Pakamburwa munhu apoooo



Hey varikuitei vana ava ndiyo second republic here yauya nazvo


In Zimbabwe, the debate surrounding LGBTQ rights and acceptance has been ongoing in the country for quite some time now, with supporters and opponents voicing their opinions on the matter.

Watch Video Here:


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