I’m Not The One That Cast Neo Matsunyane: Connie Ferguson

Renowned actress Connie Ferguson has come out to set the record straight after her ex-husband Neo Matsunyane was cast on Kings Of Joburg season 2.

After it emerged that Neo Matsunyane had been cast on Kings of Joburg 2, South Africans expressed mixed feelings.

Viewers of the show were surprised to find out that the father of her eldest daughter Lesedi Matsunyane, had been cast to be part of the Netflix film after her husband Shona had died.

Fans questioned the reasoning behind that, with some even insinuating that Connie Ferguson and Neo might get back together just like Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.Speaking with Bongani Bingwa on 702, Connie Ferguson, revealed that she is not the one that cast her ex-husband.

“First of all, I’m not the casting director.”  “Some decisions are made independently.”  Connie Ferguson said.Apparently, their daughter Lesedi Matsunyane is the one who has been casting actors from seasons 1 to 2.

A Ferguson Films insider told ZiMoja that adding Neo to the Netflix series brought such an interesting dynamic to the film.  What a lovely bunch of people. They have a very healthy relationship.

Lesedi was the casting director for Kings Of Joburg seasons one and two, and adding her father brought such an interesting dynamic to the series. It is giving people something to really look forward to.”  Connie Ferguson went on to reveal the reason why Neo was featured on Kings of Joburg.

The actress said that Neo was a good actor and suited the role he casted for perfectly. She added that she doesn’t see the reason why his ex-husband shouldn’t have been casted since he is a brilliant actor and director in his own right.

“ With that said, Neo is a brilliant actor, he’s a brilliant performer and he suited the role perfectly, so why not cast Neo and why is there a point of controversy?” she said.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited action-packed Netflix series finally premiered yesterday and viewers have already started binge-watching it.

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