If Gone Too Soon Was A Person . . . Remembering Tuku

Exactly four years ago today, Zimbabwe lost superstar Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi to diabetes complications aged 66. ‌  Tuku was declared a National Hero, much to the delight of fans.

He left behind a rich catalogue of songs exceeding 60 albums.  Four years after his death, Tuku’s void is still proving hard to fill,  His daughters Selmor and Samantha have been trying their best to keep their father’s legacy alive.

Selmor is closely working with her husband, Tendai Manatsa, while Samantha inherited the Black Spirits from Tuku.  Selmor appears to have won public sympathy, while her sister is also trying her best to win the hearts of fans.

Promoters have been calling for the siblings to unite and hold joint shows on the special occasion. The promoters have also promised to work closely with the family to ensure that they keep Tuku’s legacy intact.

A mentor in his own right, Tuku groomed a number of stars at his arts centre, Pakare Paye, in Norton.  Afro fusion star, Ashton “Mbeu” Nyahora, is perceived to be one of Tuku’s brig

htest students to emerge from his hands.  During his peak, Tuku toured many countries overseas and performed at international festivals.

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