Identical Twins Attempt To Get Pregnant At The Same Time With Shared fiancée

Identical twins Anna and Lucy Decinque do everything together, from dressing in matching outfits to going to the bathroom together to sharing their fiancé Ben.

For the past year now, the twin sisters are trying to ‘get pregnant at the same time’ so that they can share yet another experience together.  You might recognise Anna and Lucy, 35, from TLC’s Extreme Sisters, where they’ve actually been documenting their fertility struggles.

In recent years, the Aussie sisters decided that they’d like to become mothers, and opened up about their difficulties in the latest episode of their reality show.  Ideally, Anna and Lucy would like to fall pregnant at the same time, both with their shared fiancé Ben Byrne.

Until they manage to achieve that goal, they’ve been bringing baby dolls out and about with them in public to try and get a feel for motherhood.  “We’ve had some trouble trying to get pregnant, so this is the next best thing,” they said.  Much like their mums, Anna and Lucy’s baby dolls are dressed identically.

The twin sisters first opened up about their plans to get pregnant at the same time back in 2021, telling cameras at the time: “We’ve never taken a pregnancy test before. It really is magical how a stick can confirm you are pregnant.”We’re 35 years old. We’ve decided we want kids now.”  One scene from the earlier episode saw Anna and Lucy lying in bed together taking their temperatures.

Thrilled when they realised they were both the same temperature, Anna and Lucy called their partner Ben into the room and shooed the camera crew out.

Later that day, cameras caught Lucy and Anna sitting on the bed with their legs up against the wall to try and encourage fertilisation.  “It’s definitely going to be a challenge to get them both pregnant at the same time,” Ben later told producers.

“It’s definitely a lot of pressure for one guy. It’s a matter of multi-tasking, I guess.”  Ben has been dating both Anna and Lucy since 2012 and, although they’re engaged, polygamy isn’t legally recognised in Australia, so if they do want to officially tie the knot, they’ll have to head abroad.

If all goes well for Anna, Lucy and Ben, their kids would be both half-siblings and cousins, and Ben would be both the children’s father and uncle.  Best of luck to all three of them.

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