I Weight Lifted So Much During My Pregnancy That My baby Girl Came Out Of The Womb With Muscles

A MUM who weight lifted throughout her pregnancy has claimed her exercise regime caused her daughter to come out of the womb with MUSCLES.

Yoana took to TikTok to share a video of herself pumping iron while pregnant, doing various exercises including hip thrusts and bench presses.

“When you continue to weight lift throughout your pregnancy and your baby comes out of the womb with muscle,” she wrote over the top.

She then showed what her daughter had looked like as a newborn – with a clearly defined muscle on her upper arm.


“She really came out and said ‘where them weights at’,” Yoana captioned her video.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: “that baby’s stronger than I am.”

“WHAT?!” another commented.

“nahhh what the baby got more muscles than me,” a third added.

As someone else laughed: “Me currently 35 weeks pregnant watching this whilst balancing a pack of Doritos off my belly.”

“omg i want a buff baby,” another wrote.

While someone else warned: “Only do this if your body is used to going to the gym.

“Don’t start once you are pregnant.”

To which Yoana replied: “Completely agree!

“Can be dangerous to start during pregnancy.” TANGO AND SMASH

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