I Was Heartbroken When My Wife Passed Away So I Spent £2,500 Bringing Her ‘Back To Life’

A WIDOWER spent £2,500 having a life-like silicone dummy made of his late wife.  Tapas Sandilya said it was Indrani’s dying wish for him to create a replica.

Ot took a local artist six months to make the 66lbs silicone

The incredible model is wearing her favourite clothes and gold jewellery.  And the saree was the one she wore to their son’s wedding reception.

Grieving Tapas, 65, has had her placed on the sofa – her favourite spot – at their home in Kaikhali, India.  She got the idea after seeing similar models in museums, he explained.

He said: “It was then Indrani told me of her desire for a similar statue of her if she happened to pass away before me.  “I just wanted to fulfil her wish.”  Indrani died in May 2021 during the Covid pandemic.

He set about having it made a year ago.  Local artist Subimal Das spent six months making the 66lbs silicon effigy.  In 2020 another Indian man, Shrinivas Gupta, also had a silicone model made of his wife Madhavi after she died in a car crash

It was so realistic some spooked friends thought she had come back from the dead, reports said.

In 2016, we told how another widower in China was given a £2,000 silicone doll resembling his late wife.  Unlike the ones in India, Zhang Wenliang’s model was made to look like his wife when she was young.

It was made for him by one of China’s sex doll manufacturers, and was his second in a year after he wore the first one out.

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