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I want s3x at least 4 times a week, sexually-starved grandpa tells court

A S€XUALLY-starved grandfather of 10 Miles area in Lusaka has told the Matero Local Court that frustrations of being denied his bedroom rights have been causing him to shower his wife aged 62 with eardrum-perforating insults.


Gibson Mwalilanda aged 82 told the court that despite having lived more than eight decades, he was still strong enough to send women to the labour ward and that his desire was to have s€x at least four times a week.


The man complained that his wife Florence Mwalilanda whom he married in 2003 after paying K300 dowry was stingy with her private parts.


“There is no way that we can just be sleeping like brother and sister when we are married, we need to be having s£x at least for three to four days in a week, if she does that, I will also change,” Gibson testified and sparked sighs of shock in the parked courtroom.


Asked on how long he had stayed without having s£x, Gibson responded, “We have stayed for one month without s£x since she went to her parents’ house and that period is too much for me. I love her but it hurts me that we have to sleep on the same bed without doing anything”.


Speaking earlier, Florence told the court that she wanted nothing to do with her foul-mouthed husband whose mouth oozed with insults all the time.


She begged the court to pronounce a divorce on her marriage and free from the insults he had been showering on in front of her children and grandchildren.


Further, Florence told the court that as if insulting her was not enough, her husband was even standing in her way to heaven by forbidding from attending church services.


To strengthen her case, Florence even presented a letter written by a headman from the couple’s area confirming that Gibson was indeed a vulgar old man and that several meetings had been convened to try and resolve their problems.


However, despite the courts efforts to reconcile the two, Florence still insisted that she needed nothing to do with her husband of 20 years nor his properties, and divorce was granted.


“Divorce granted, defendant to compensate the plaintiff with K10,000 to be paid in installments of K500 with the first installment of K1,000. Custody of the children has been jointly given,” ruled Magistrate Harriet Mulenga.


But before leaving the courtroom, Gibson who currently has 10 children from four different women told the court that he is still going to marry another woman, but this time a Lozi one, as Lenjes of his tribe have failed him. Zambian Observer

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