I stayed up until 3 am explaining to my boyfriend – says Gweru “I need a husband” placard carrying woman

The woman from Gweru who was trending on social media for holding a placard and seeking a husband in the City Centre has clarified that it was not a genuine search, but rather a content creation for TikTok.

Speaking on 98.4 Midlands FM the woman identified herself as Susan, clarified that she has a boyfriend and the placard was simply part of one of her skits.

“I wasn’t actually looking for a man; it was simply a TikTok content idea. I also want to clarify that I do have a boyfriend,” said Susan.

In addition to her role as a content creator, Susan also owns a clothing shop where she sells clothes.

Susan said that the placard skit was not her initial public attempt, as she had previously participated in another activity where she went around hugging people and observed their reactions.

“While I was performing one of my public skits, a lady decided to throw an ice cream at me.”

Susan said that when her boyfriend noticed her trending on social media, she stayed up until 3AM, explaining that it was all for the sake of creating content for TikTok.-Chronicles


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