I Recently Find Out That I Have Been Married to My Own Biological Son after 8 Years and Two kids -Woman Cries Out

A woman recently took to social media to share a shock story, about how she unknowingly married her own biological son

According to her, she has been unknowingly sleeping with her own biological son for the past 8 years. She even has two kids with him.

This wasn’t by choice, of course, she didn’t know that this was her biological son. She gave him up for adoption 20 years ago.

When she met him his was 20 years old she was almost twice his age but regardless of age difference between them, they start dated for nearly 8 years before everything came crushing down after discovering that they are mother and son.

It’s sad, She was left devastated after discovering that she has been dating her own biological son for the past 8 years.

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