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Husband kicks wife on privates over food

A hungry man is an angry man.

This old adage was at play when Meluleki Fuyane (26) who arrived home in the middle of the night thrashed his wife before he violently kicked her on her privates as punishment for not preparing supper for him.


Fuyane arrived home from a night out heavily intoxicated and demanded isitshwala/sadza from his wife Thabiso Moyo (22).


It is reported Moyo told him that she didn’t cook because there was no mealie-meal.


The response did not go down well with Fuyane who quickly grabbed her by the neck before punching and slapping her.


Fuyane also allegedly tied her to a bed before he thrashed her with a rope all over her body.


As if that was not enough he allegedly kicked her several times on her privates alleging that she didn’t cook because she was with her lover.


It is further reported that he went on to brand her a prostitute.


As a result of the attack Moyo sustained a deep cut on the face and also suffered injuries on her private parts.


She reported the incident to the police leading to the arrest of her husband.


Fuyane has since appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Makelo Ncube facing an assault charge.


He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was remanded out of custody to 16 October for trial. B Metro

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