How Zanu PF Plotted For The Brutality Of CCC Cadres In Murewa: Names Released

Social media is up in flames after a student activist as well as a Murewa resident  identified as Lenon has exposed the names of the Murewa violence perpetrators citing into detail how the whole incident took place.

Taking to his twitter account @iAmTheMount, the spokesperson of the Champions of Change Of Murewa North had this to say:

“After days on the ground with a few Champions of Change of Murewa North, we have managed to gather some names of the perpetrators of the Mrewa violence saga.

..Please allow me to summon  Tafadzwa Mugwadi and co  Zanupf Patriots after they strongly denied publicly, deeds of their hand.

…Fellow citizens, the country needs to be saved from the Zanu’s Chitepo ideology which has cultivated nothing but only violence and vandalism.

…There is need of knowing, understanding & respect of the constitution for both the young & the old. All citizens & leaders need to be socialized into democratic values, attitudes, behavior & relationships; to just uphold & promote a Democratic and Constitutional  culture.

…The widespread culture of autocracy both in public & private life in Zimbabwe has resulted in abuse of rights, injustice, poor service delivery, violence, monopolization of institutions, poverty and unemployment affecting many citizens and many hinderances to development.

….Here are the details of how this rowdy violent party plotted to terrorize defenceless CCC members :

1. Cde Chimutashu a known warvet  was on the ground giving all the necessary information.

2. When the innocent CCC members had gathered, Cde Chimutashu notified his superiors.

3. An emergency meeting was convened at Mrewa offices and it was agreed that the youths were to be unleashed to go and deal with the defenseless old CCC members who were gathered at Mr Seremani’s homestead.

4. The top Zanu Pf leadership who convened a meeting to dispatch a marauding & intoxicated youth were :

•Cde Daniel Garwe, MashEast Prov Chair & also the MP for Mrewa North. As you all know him, he is the same minister who incited & encouraged party members to resort to violence

•Cde Bether Chawagwinyira

•Cde Wellington Kademeteme DCC Chairman

•Cde Chiwara DCC V.C

•Cde Pardon Chikava DCC Youth Affairs.

•Cde Zidya central committee member.

•Cde Mhuteyebani for war veterans.

•Cde Matikiti DCC transport officer

•Cde Timothy Gowo provincial finance officer.

•Cde T Nyamupfukudza sec for tourism.

•Cde Paul Kuchigu provincial vice security.

•Cde Tatenda Kahuni Zihute district chairman Ward 30 and others from Mrewa West

5. Cde Kademeteme & Matikiti signed for the party vehicle & fuel. Cde Gowo offered his Kombi a baby quantum, silver grey in colour. Cde Manyenje as usual was driving the party vehicle. It’s still on record that in 2008 Cde Manyenje ambushed MDC youths at Mrewa hotel.

6. Youths summoned to go and brutally attack CCC members :

•Pardon Chikava

•Tendai Magora

•S”thandazile Katandika, daughter of Stembile Ncube.

•Felistas Kawocha


7. The list is endless as they drove a full kombi & a party twin cab.

Both vehicles were left parked at Bhunhu Pri-school. Chimutashu was picked up at Bhunu township to show them the direction to Mr Seremani’s homestead.

The rest is what you all been seeing on circulating videos.

Please note that we have already submitted the names of the perpetrators to the police  and await members of the police to carry out their duty as expected of them.

If ZRP fail to bring these culprits to justice, please let it be known all over that indeed we are alone and we must be prepared to save ourselves from these thieves and thugs.

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