Heartbroken Guy Calls Off Wedding’ After Discovering His Wife-to-be Had 2 Kiddies

A man called off his wedding several hours before it commenced after finding out that his bride already had two children.

News about the incident was shared online by a guy who knew the groom. Groom cancels wedding after finding out his fiancé never told him about her two children

The information was shared by Facebook user, Bala Baba Dihis, who noted that he did not know what to do or say to console his friend.

Mixed reactions trailed the story as netizens weighed in on the matter. Many people slammed the lady for making a costly mistake.

Social media users have mixed reactions to groom calling off wedding

AllaKaduna Nzeogwu said:

“Say something. A good man like you should not consider politics and religion as the only struggle for justice and good in the world.      “Evil comes in different ways. Speak and support the innocent man. It was built on lies and deceit. You would be saving humanity.”

Arc Ehis Vheektor Onus added:      “There are many decisions to be taken in this kind of situation, one of them and the quickest one to save a great future disaster is the one the guy just made. Does it mean the whole family of the lady are daft? That no one could advise her to do the right thing?”

Daniel Ogolo reacted:

“The lady wanted to cheat. I love what he did. It’s not about having kids, it’s the audacity to hide such huge life issues from him. Such girls can poison a man and claim ignorance.”

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