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POLICE in Rufunsa are keeping David Mapulande, a headmaster at Chimusanya Secondary School, for his own safety after villagers pounced on him on allegations that he had a hand in the death of a Grade 12 pupil who died mysteriously.

On August 11, 2023 around 05:00 hours, Mr Mapulande was allegedly found by some villagers chanting on the grave of the teenager.

The villagers approached him and asked him why he had things which looked like charms at the grave of the boy.

The head teacher was found kneeling on David Tembo’s burial site by five women who were collecting firewood within the burial site.

According to Memory Chanda, who was among the women who caught the head teacher, Mr Mapulande was gripped with fear and had difficulties to explain what he was doing at the grave of his former pupil.

Ms Chanda said in his defence, Mr Mapulande whom she knew very well, said he was actually waiting for his girlfriend who took long to meet him and he decided to sit on the grave.

“After we started shouting for help, Mr Mapulande promised to give us a K100 each but we refused. We started shouting and a lot of people came,” she said.

Hamoonga who confirmed the incident said Mr Mapulande was held in police custody for his own safety because members of the public wanted to pounce on him.

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