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Head Of Salvation Army Arrested For Defacing Bond Notes

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested the head of the Salvation Army in Kadoma for tearing nineteen ZWL$50 notes during a church service.

According to a statement seen by Afrogazette, ZRP said;

“Police in Kadoma have arrested the head and Major of Salvation Army  in Rimuka, Felix Tengemhare (62) and his wife,  Benina Tengemhare, who is a Captain in the church,  for tearing nineteen ZWL$50 notes during a church service on 08/01/23.”

Not only in Zimbabwe but in most countries in the world where it’s a crime to deface money.

According to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Amendment Bill 2016, which seeks to create a legal basis for bond notes to be used as legal tender in the country, offenders face seven years in jail for defacing bond notes.

Zimbabweans who may choose to inflict any form of damage on bond notes could face imprisonment of up to seven years.

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