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Harare Woman Caught With 15 Satchets Of Crystal Meth

A woman who was caught with dr♡gs after officers pretended to be buyers has appeared in court.

Patricia Dziva, 20, of Manyame Park in Chitungwiza appeared before the Harare Magistrates’ Courts facing charges unlawful possession of drugs.

The State alleges that on August 10, 2023 at around 1700 hours, the police were informed that Dziva was going to supply drugs at Retreat Shops in Harare.

On the same say at around 1720 hours, they went to said place and pretended to be potential buyers and lured Dziva to Retreat Shops, Waterfalls.

They went to Dziva, who was standing behind a wooden tuck shop and identified themselves as police officers from CID Dr£gs and Narcotics, Harare and told them the reason of their visit.

Dziva attempted to run away but she was caught.

Dziva then handed over a satchet of M£thamph£tamine which was wrapped in a fifty Zimbabwe dollar note.

A body search was done on Dziva and 14 sachets of crystal m£th stashed in an orange and silver 25g metal container were taken from her jacket pocket.

She was subsequently arr£sted and taken to CID Drugs and Narcotics Harare with the seized 15 satchets for further management.

A test was done on the drugs and it tested positive to Methamphetamine. The dr>gs also recorded approximately 4.5 grammes with a street value of ZWL$450 000.

Dziva was remanded in custody.


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