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Harare trio hold minor girls captive, sell them to elderly men for s€x

THREE men from Crowborough allegedly held two minor girls hostage for ten days, selling them to elderly men for s£x, a Harare court heard.


The trio, Travolta Muchemeni, 24, together with his brother Kudzai, 26, and Mischeck Mavhima are being charged with abduction and rape.


It is alleged that the three also took turns to rap£ the girls during that time.


They briefly appeared before Harare Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa who remanded them in custody pending bail application.


The three stand accused of abducting a 17-year-old girl and her friend and keeping them in captivity.


State prosecutor, Pardon Dziva alleged that the three lured the two girls to Crowborough, and later abducted them.


It is alleged that for nearly 10 days, they would sell the two girls to different men for s£x.


They also allegedly seized the complainant’s cell phone to cut off communication with their relatives.


“They had sexual intercourse with the complainants without protection either at once or changing them.


“Travolta Muchemeni, who appears to be the ring leader, looked for other men to sleep with the complainants and would get money in return,” the court documents read.


One of the girls only managed to return home after the trio was arrested over the weekend.


The other girl, who is believed to have been held captive together with the complainant, is still to be located. New Zimbabwe


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