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Harare man pays US$12 maintenance for three kids

A HARARE man shocked the gallery after he offered US$12 for the upkeep of his three children.

. . . man wants each of his kids to get US$4 a month

Peterson Makotose made the offer after being dragged to the maintenance court by his ex-wife Mavis Gwenhamo.

Mavis accused him of being an irresponsible father. He defended his offer saying he was surviving on part-time jobs.

He claimed that he earned US$70 per month.

“I cannot pay anything above US$12, which is way too much for me.

“Each child will get a share of US$4,” he said.

Mavis is demanding $120 000 for the three children.

“The US$12 offer is not enough. 

“The children go to school and have other needs I cannot provide for them alone.

“ He is also a vendor who sells different goods. He makes US$150 per month,” she added.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira ordered Peterson to pay school fees and $48 000 for his children’s upkeep.


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