Greed Prophetess Dupes Client $1700

WHEN a “prophet” or a “prophetess” instructs a congregant to do something, usually the follower does not ask questions as they believe the order comes from God.

This was played out when Khulisani Moyo consulted prophetess Sidelile Masera Moyo (43) of Induna Barracks in Bulawayo at her shrine in Donnington West intending to sell his car.

It was gathered that during a prayer session which involved congregants lining up to be prayed for, Khulisani who was desperate to sell his car after he had failed on countless occasions to get a buyer knelt before Sidelile and asked  her to pray for him.

The prophetess held his head and spewed out religious rhetoric.  After about two days, an ecstatic Khulisani returned to the shrine to announce he had sold the car.  He told the “woman of God” that the car had been bought for US$2 200.

The cunning Sidelile told him to wrap the money in white and black pieces of cloth and bring it back for prayers.  It is reported that Sidelile told her client that she would keep the money for three days and pray over it to cast out evil spirits that might be following Khulisani.

Gullible beyond belief, Khulisani complied.  After three days when he returned to collect his money he was told to come the following day.

She kept telling him to return the following day every time he went to collect his money- ostensibly because strong evil spirits held sway over it- until the scales fell of Khulisani’s eyes and he realised he had been duped.

Eventually the prophetess confessed she had used US$1700 to settle her debts and was left with US$500.  Initially she had intimated that God had spent the money.

She told Khulisani to return the following day and repeated the pattern of asking him to return the next day.The dissatisfied congregant finally reached the conclusion that “God was not in it” and reported Sidelile to the police.

On Tuesday Sidelile appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja facing a theft charge.  She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, three months were suspended on condition that she does not commit a similar offence within a period of five years.

A further four months were suspended on condition that she restitutes Khulisani US$1700.

The remaining five months were suspended on condition that she performs 175 hours of community service.

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