Govt Spokes Nick Mangwana Infuriated By Use of Black Magic In Youngsters

The 21st century generation has been infiltrated with a lot of despicable acts and practices.

This is mostly inspired by the desire to get rich quicker and live a lavish life that can be shown on social media.  This has resulted in even younger children in their teenage years being hooked up on such acts.

The permanent secretary of Information had this to say concerning this issue:

When some us were growing up, the word “kuromba” was not so common and certainly not spoken by the young and youthful. But these days language yacho! Vanhu vaakungotaura language dzen’anga nenjuzu. Imika imi, kwanai.

The young however had a perfect excuse for this citing that it all points back to the economy.

In a response one user wrote:

I think when you were growing up it was certain that if you go through the academic doors you were guaranteed a job that earns you a living wage but mazuvano usina kana unacho chikoro ma1 saka vanhu vototi pamwe kuromba work.

This is very debatable however because the economic state of Zimbabwe has affected many young people but many are doing ethical business and good practices to earn money

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