“Good Riddance”: ‘The River’ Viewers Unbothered After The Show Got Cancelled

The River has been cancelled after six Seasons.

According to ZAlebs, the 1Magic show would not survive a seventh Season due to rumours such as nepotism. Important characters for the storyline like Zweli also left the telenovela.

The reception for Season 5 was also not good. Viewers complained daily because of the dragging plot, especially Paulina’s scenes.

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@PhilMphela took to Twitter to announce the news saying:

“Mnet Local Entertainment Channels has made the official announcement that the new season of #TheRiver1Magic will be its last. Season 6 of the multi-award winning telenovela starts February 6th.”  Check out peeps’ reactions below:

@papi_nicetingz said:

“Winners know when to quit. By quitting, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost!!! It’s time ❤️❤️”

@kbhebhe shared:

With 6 seasons, I think it’s good to let it go. The storylines have all run their course and it’s been good all round.”

@andisiwe__boya posted:

“The first 3 Seasons were solid. Season 4 was shaky, but 5 was just a waste of good storytelling. Needless to say, this is one of the best telenovelas I’ve ever invested my time in.”

@AneleMadondo2 replied:

“Zolani and Zweli are gone. Lindiwe won’t be the one we know. Its time for it to end.”

@Shudulization commented:

“The show was starting to become garbage. Good riddance.”

@sammychoc wrote:

“All those people’s jobs ”

@B_MsKgotla also said:

“Cancel it. They ruined a very good show. We used to live, eat and breathe The River. Now, it’s a mess. They don’t even listen to their viewers’ concerns.”

@Mthobisi_Yolisa also shared:

“But honestly, 1Magic will struggle to find a telenovela that will attract viewers like The River.”

@Heydavinaa_ added:

They’ve had a good run. Started off as one of the best telenovelas due to its storyline and talent, but like many other South African shows, it began to lose the plot each season (from season 3)”

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